As a representative body of industry trade and service sector, FITS always tends to engage with the central and state Govts. in formulating policies and programmes which serve as catalyst in achieving broad objective of the state through improve Industrial , Economic and Social Infrastructure. . All sector of the economy need all-round reforms and Govt. support in putting the economy on the fast tracks through Skill development, innovation, IT, Education, Legal Reforms to attract foreign investments, better mode of Transportation, Defence and Digitalization are some of the key areas. The role of industry in CSR, Health and Education also need to be enhanced and FITS will continue to serve as a bridge between the Govt. and the industry for achieving the desired objective and play its designated role.

FITS mission also aims to :

  • Engage and Enhance stake-holders exposure in IT and newer technology to make them competitive.
  • Impact policy to foster balanced economic, industrial and social development of all sectors of the economy.
  • Articulate genuine and legitimate needs and expectations of members with statutory authorities.
  • Network global trade by participating in exhibitions, trade fairs and interacting with representatives of foreign companies and consular staff. Arrange B-to-B contacts between businesses.
  • Hold seminars, workshops, and interactive sessions on topics impacting policy changes or new policy initiatives.
  • Actively endeavour to promote ethical business practices and promote CSR initiatives.
  • Provide Visa- facilitation
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